Ashutosh from India

Ashutosh from India

Why did you choose to work  and live in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands is one of the most prosporous countries on earth. There are a bunch of opportunities here to explore. Coupled with lucrative incentives and being innovation center of europe, working in the Netherlands was actually an easy choice! Also, almost evreyone here speaks english quite well which adds extra points for the Netherlands.

Was it easy to find a place to live and to arrange everything (like a social security number, health insurance, etc)?
Since I moved here for my studies, most of these things like social security, health insurance etc. were either arranged by the university or assistance was provided. After my Masters’ degree, since I was already familier with the conditions here, it was super easy arranging these things.

In general, I would say, apart from finding a perfect housing, everything else super easy and usually arranged/assisted by the university or the companies. Housing is available in plenty but a little expensive.

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands and especially in the city of Eindhoven?
I have been living in Eindhoven for more than 3 years now, but since my day 1 here, I always have felt at home here. It is the convenience and inclusive nature of the Dutch in general and Eindhoveners in particular that makes me feel at home the most.

What activities do you like the most in the region of Eindhoven?
I mostly spend my free time travelling around Eindhoven either by bike or by train. I also enjoy going to Tint events arranged by a group of expats to meet each other.

Apart from liesure activities, I also enjoy going to seminars and workshops that usually take place in the High Tech Campus.

What still suprises you about “the Dutch people and/or the Netherlands?
That they eat the same cold lunch every day and drink milk during lunches 😉 Although I also have started to follow the suite recently! 

What tips or advice would you give someone who’s relocating to the Netherlands?
Eindhoven is a fun place to be with a lot of opportunities. It is called silicon valley of europe for a reason. One important advice would be: Start looking for accommodation as early as possible so that you can have a choice and can find affordable house on time. Apart from this, everything else has been super smooth for me, same as for everyone I know.