Marko from Serbia

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Marko from Serbia

How was the process of moving from Serbia to the Netherlands for you and your family?
Before coming to the Netherlands, I moved few times with my family, but never outside of Serbia. This time I was maybe a bit worried, because move to the Netherlands happened just after my wife gave a birth to our younger daughter. Luckily, complete transition went well thanks to good organization and support that we got from my company and Vera. 

Was it easy to find a place to live and to arrange everything, like social security number, health insurance, etc.?
In first month after arrival, I had already organized accommodation. During that time I received support from an agent in finding permanent apartment and completing all the paperwork. It wasn’t so easy to find desired place to live, but in the end I found perfect apartment, not too much expensive and on lovely location. My family joined me later on and also got all support regarding residence permits, social security numbers and finding school for our older daughter. I was particularly happy because all the people helping us were very professional and always available to answer on questions.

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands and especially in the city of Enschede?
We don’t like to live in very big cities, like Amsterdam, so Enschede is a perfect place for us. It has all necessary things, but still not too crowded place and we enjoy in all possibilities that are available. Netherlands is well organized country, so it is easy to live here. 

What activities do you like the most in the region of Twente / Enschede?
Enschede has lovely city center and is surrounded with nice parks, where we like to go with children and friends. Roads are very good here, especially for bikes, which enables enjoy during journeys. We also like to visit both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, which are amazing in Enschede. Library here is important place, offering many things and my wife often goes there. She also likes to visit gatherings organized by a group of expat mothers. In my case, I like to play pool billiards and soccer with colleagues and occasionally watch FC Twente’s match.

What surprises you about the Dutch people or the Netherlands?
People are open-minded here and honest, meaning they will always say their opinion. On job they are hard workers. I am amazed how all of them speak perfect English and are willing to speak it, which makes my Dutch learning (need) more difficult J. They like biking and running and having one or more dogs in family. Regarding country, car taxes are very high but like I said, roads are very good. I like weather during warmer months, it is not too warm and with plenty of daylight. Something that I don’t like, and suppose most of Dutch people, is high health insurance cost and still waiting line at house doctor. 

What tips or advice would you give someone who’s relocating to the Netherlands?
This is a country with strict rules, but after getting familiar with all of them, life becomes really easy. Be ready for occasional rain showers and enjoy, because that is possible here.