Miguel from Spain

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Bysonder | International Recruitment | Vera Sonder

Miguel from Spain

How was the process of moving from Spain to the Netherlands for you and your family?
Well, it was not easy. Every movement is difficult and moreover if it is from one country to another it is even more difficult. Looking for a relocation company to make it possible and coordinate everything on time. Finally, we moved last September 2018. The first month we booked a hotel and we used that time to explore the city of Enschede and the neighborhood trying to find a rental house.

Was it easy to find a place to live and to arrange everything, like social security number, health insurance, etc.?
In the beginning, we had the support from the WTC (World Trade Center) in Hengelo in order to contact with the makelaars to find a suitable house to rent. Regarding the social security number (BSN) we went directly to the city hall in Enschede, after arranging the house. In the same way, health insurance which is very important to cover the whole family in terms of medical issues. It was not easy to find a general practice (GP) because depending on neighbourhood it is more or less crowded and then you need extra time to find if one is available, similar case for the dental care.

How was the relocation to the Netherlands for your family (wife and 7 year old daughter)? You had to find a school for your daughter for instance.
Yes, we found a school for our daughter in the IOK de Globe (https://iokdeglobe.nl/). This is an expat school in which the kids learn first the language before they start in the normal public school. It is mandatory for the Dutch law to participate in these lessons (approximately around one year, from September to July). I must say, our daughter improved her Dutch very fast and she is able to start in the next course into the normal public school. We are very happy for that!

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands and especially in the city of Enschede?
Enschede is a nice city to live. You have all the commodities, shopping city center, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, parks, theater and cinema. It is a save place for the kids also, very important. On Christmas time there were a lot of activities for them to enjoy, that is cool.

What activities do you like the most in the region of Twente / Enschede?
I general terms, Twente is a quite and nice region to settle with a family. We used this time that we are living in The Netherlands to travel around the cities that are close to Enschede. For example, Deventer is another city very recommended to visit.

What surprises you about the Dutch people or the Netherlands?
Dutch people are very polite and kind. The large majority is able to speak English that makes it easier to start the conversation. They always try to help you in any situation. For example, in my current job, my colleagues try to show me every day new things about the habits and customs in order to integrate me faster in their Dutch culture, I really appreciate the tips. 

What tips or advice would you give someone who’s relocating to the Netherlands?
Beginnings are always hard, but after some months everything will be better and better. It is a country with plenty of opportunities and a great place to settle.