Jonathan from Mexico

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Jonathan from Mexico

How was the process of moving from Mexico to the Netherlands for you and your wife?
The support provided by every contact person in the Netherlands was very good and accurate, the same from The Mexican and Dutch Embassies. It was the first time we moved to a different country and we had a lot of doubts during the process, but all of them where solved right away.

We also received great support to be able to bring our dog from Mexico and that’s something we really appreciated.

There were some inconvenients with the Logistics company in the moving process, but we managed and provided the appropriate feedback to them and my recruiter for further references.

Was it easy to find a place to live and to arrange everything, like social security number, health insurance, etc?
Yes, it was really easy to get everything arranged. I believe it took us less than 2 months to get everything in place, even the registration at the Hospital and the Vet, for our dog.

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands and especially in the city of Hengelo?
We do, we found a very nice house, located in a friendly neighborhood, surrounded by trees and gardens, close to the central station and the hospital.

We can go out at any time, feeling safe and when we come back we like to put some music and relax in the living room or our bedroom.

The bike roads, the public transport and the availability to travel inside or outside the country, gives us a great opportunity to enjoy living here. We can basically take any train from Enschede or Hengelo Station to go and explore the country or simply go somewhere else in Europe, like Germany, Belgium or even Paris and enjoy our free time!! while our dog also enjoys her holidays at the Petcare center.

What activities do you like the most in the region of Twente/ Hengelo?
Hengelo is a city with many parks and vegetation, so we enjoy biking everywhere, especially during sunny days. Although, when it snows is better to use public transportation.

We also like going to the open air markets, try new restaurants (Indian, Asian, Italian food, etc), going to the movies and take our dog out for a walk.

What surprises you about the Dutch people or the Netherlands?
Most people are very friendly and you can notice it right away, as soon as you get into a store, restaurant or anywhere, you will be received with a warm welcome and you can also notice when people say goodbye (tot ziens!).

Family seems to be very important too and you can see a lot of parents riding bike with their children, going to the stores or playing sports.

The priority given to life / work balance is very convenient and has had a great impact in our daily activities; we have the energy to try new activities, such as learning Dutch, going to the gym, reading a book and gathering with our friends.

What tips or advice would you give someone whos relocating to the Netherlands?
The Netherlands is a country with a nice atmosphere, a well organized administration system (taxes, hospitals, services, etc), good transportation system and very international population; in general, life is relaxed and well balanced.

The quality of living is very good, being here has given us the opportunity to share more time as a couple, spend more time with our dog, plan holidays and have a good and safe life in every aspect.

We totally recommend learning Dutch, although it’s not an easy language, it will make life easier, especially when you have to go to some websites, which are not always translated to English or other language.

There are a lot of mobile applications which are very convenient when you want to plan a trip or get a route to anyplace inside the country.

Credit card is not accepted everywhere, and I believe that’s one of the reasons why the country such a good economic system, so I totally recommend you to ask before buying anything, big stores and some supermarkets might take it, but small shops might decline it. You’ll get used to pay with debit or cash, don’t worry.

Definitely, The Netherlands is a good country with a lot to offer, such as history, nice people, safety, traveling opportunities and a quality of life. Once you get a good bike, a good raincoat and try your first “haring”, you’re ready to go and get settled!!

Note: In the meantime the wife of Jonathan has also found a job in the Netherlands (supported by Bysonder Recruitment).