Lin from Malaysia

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Lin from Malaysia

How was the process of moving from Malaysia to the Netherlands?
The process went smoothly with the support from my company and Ms Vera Sonder.

Was it easy to find a place to live and to arrange everything, like social security number, health insurance, etc?
Yes, it was easy because I had a relocation agent helping me with these. I managed to locate myself accommodation after two weeks searching and it was near to the city center and a bus stop near to my place. They fitted with my preferences. I love my place as I am able to interact with people with different nationalities and it is perfect!

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands and especially in the city of Enschede?
Yes! The landscape and the greenery are what I love the most! These resembled to where I used to grow up with and I love it very much! When I first visited Netherland, I immediately fallen in love with the landscape and of course the people! The people in Netherland and Enschede are helpful and kind. I arrived at Enschede with 30kg and 10kg suitcases, they were very heavy! Out of the blue, someone helped me with it by carrying them down the stairs from the train station! Nice people!

What activities do you like the most in the region of Twente/ Enschede?
Due to my part time study commitment, I do not have much time to travel yet. However, I enjoyed running around the neighborhood and at the same time enjoying the beautiful greenery and meeting people. Besides, cycling is the activity I like the most as I am able to reach anywhere without owning a car and at the same time I am able to exercise.

What surprises you about the Dutch people/ culture or the Netherlands?
Dutch people are open and view everyone as equal. This makes me feel that I am accepted and able to integrate into them easily. Most importantly, they are able to accept criticism and not easily offended. Also, they are very supportive of the sports of their country and you will be able to see them in orange/decorated their house with orange stuffs! I was very surprised when I saw the city center was full of people wearing orange and it was amazing!

What tips or advice would you give someone whos relocating to the Netherlands?
Before relocating to Netherlands, it is wise to search up available accommodation within your area of interests and read up expats’ experience (which is what you are doing now). It would prepare you mentally to expect what you are going to face such as the mode of transport you are going to take for work and where to buy your groceries. Besides, remember to check out the facebook groups for secondhand furnitures before you proceed to buy your furniture from Ikea. You may be able to get a good price over there!

Last but not least, be proud of yourself if you are able to take this gigantic step relocating to a new country, adapt and integrate yourself to the community, everything will come in place and turn out great! Good luck!